This Cheap Selfie Drone Is Putting Large Drone Companies Out Of Business. Here’s Why It’s Gone Viral…

| | Jack Evans



Don’t take another boring phone selfie until you’ve seen this…

People are constantly looking for creative ways to express themselves, document their daily lives, share their adventures with their loved ones, and immortalize the most precious memories… Nowadays, it’s not so easy to stand out from the crowd, but there’s finally one assured way to do it – it is called DroneX PRO.

For too long, big-name manufacturers have been ripping off everyday consumers with the promise of supplying them with a drone no other manufacturer can match in price or quality.

DroneX PRO bucks the trend by producing not only one of the world’s smallest drones, but by ensuring the HD video quality is exceptional, and the price just a FRACTION of what other drones are being sold for.

What Makes DroneX PRO So Special?

DroneX PRO was created with simplicity in mind so that everyone could use it.

There’s no need for heavy, bulky devices anymore.

DroneX PRO’s well-though-out and ultra-compact design allows you to carry it wherever you go since it can easily fit in your pocket!

Despite its size and portability, DroneX PRO provides you with the most valuable features of high-quality drones and turns the process of taking pictures into incredibly fun experience!

How Does DroneX PRO Work?

If DroneX PRO is the first drone you’ve ever considered getting, don’t worry – it’s so easy to use that you won’t even notice you’re already flying!

It takes no special knowledge to set up DroneX PRO – you can do it in only two simple steps. First – just charge the battery. Second – install the app by simply scanning the QR code in the manual and connect it to your drone. That’s it!

Intuitive and smooth controls will ensure the top-notch experience and incredible aerial shots taken from impossible angles!

Designed to meet everyone’s needs, DroneX PRO’s intuitive controls, exceptional stability when flying, wide lens and 720PHD camera deliver the results you’d never expect from such a low-priced device!

It allows you to enjoy high quality pictures, videos, and even gives an opportunity to live stream your adventures!

See DroneX PRO In Action:

Why Is DroneX PRO Selling Like Crazy?

✈️ Increased Flight Time: DroneX PRO has improved battery life and it’s the fastest drone of its category at a speed of up to 12 metres per second with a top transmission range of 2 km.
⛰️ Altitude Hold Mode: This feature locks the height and the location of the drone so it can hover steadily at one spot and capture great photos and videos.
☄️ Gravity Sensor: DroneX PRO has embedded gravity sensors, which detect the ground and other obstacles and change the flying course automatically to avoid collision.
🛡️ Light and Durable: It will stay untouched even after a strong crash so you don’t have to worry when first learning.
📷 HD Photos and Videos: Record video in HD at 120 frames per second and take photos up to 12 megapixels.
🌆 Panorama Mode: Capture 360 degree photos from the air with just one click of a button.

What Did Our Team Think?

Our team tested it for you and here is what we think..

At first, we were surprised by how easy it is to set up!

Just plug in the battery, connect to your drone and start up the app. In less than 10 seconds you’re ready to fly your drone!

And then the best part comes: flying is so incredibly easy. The controls are just superb, really intuitive. Flying DroneX PRO feels natural. A colleague’s kids happened to be at the office, and they figured it all out in seconds—on their first drone flight ever. It’s just amazing how easy and smooth the controls are!

Once you’re in the air, it’s time to use the built-in camera. You can take the most stunning pictures and videos. Take videos from otherwise impossible angles and impress your friends with the coolest selfies!

What Did The Customers That Actually Bought It Think?

I have been thinking about buying this new high-tech gadget for a long time. After watching thousands of videos about it, I thought I could try it, I placed an order and waited. Waiting was worth it, I love its incredible quality, it has a lot to offer

The videos this drone records are fantastic! It captures clear images and it’s super easy to use! I highly recommend it! The price and performance are unbeatable.

How Much Does DroneX PRO Cost?

You might think that such a premium drone might cost A LOT!

Click here to check its price, we can assure that you will be blowed away with our 50% off promotion. 

For a price you can’t even imagine, you can get the only drone that offers high definition, powerful performance, compact design and user-friendly interface at the same time. Nature shots, landscape panoramas, high-quality selfies, this drone can do them all!

How Can You Get DroneX PRO?

You can get your own DroneX PRO pretty easy. At the moment it’s available 50% cheaper at the introductory price:

1. Order DroneX PRO from the official website.
2. Install the application.
3. That’s it. You are ready for your next adventure!