E30 Smartwatch: The premium smartwatch that is revolutionizing the market. Sales success during the last month!

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Summary: Finally, a smartwatch with state-of-the-art technology, a battery that lasts for days, and a design that goes crazy!

We learned that a new American startup has launched a Smartwatch with unique features, which could even surpass Apple watch and Samsung Gear. Hundreds of thousands of people in the United States who have tried it recommend it. Experts say that this technological invention, promises to become the technology gadget of the decade.

Everybody loves it! Hours after its launch all the available units were sold out. We investigated why this product is so popular and loved by the American and European public

Many people agree that in they are being scammed by big companies and technology brands. Year after year they show the same products that are worth a fortune and only change the color or put a simple decoration and do nothing to implement really new things.

What is happening with the innovation that captivated us so wonderfully? Nobody knows for sure, but what we can say is that many buyers like you feel cheated, because they don’t listen to the needs we have as customers, they don’t hear that we want more premium, more elegant designs, with that touch that represents all our tastes and with functionalities from another world.

However, everything is so bad, because an American technology company has decided to listen to non-conformist people like you and during more than 2 years of innovations with Japanese scientists and companies expert in technological innovation, they have created the E30 Smartwatch. A new proposal in the smartwatch industry that is causing a furor, even among big Hollywood celebrities!

Goodbye to ugly square Smartwatches with no style, goodbye to smartwatches that present us with nothing new.

What is the E30 Smartwatch?

It is a smartwatch with premium design, high-quality materials, and an innovative system of photoelectric sensors and 8x processing. And if you think that’s why it costs hundreds of dollars, continue Reading…

It was developed based on the concept of double chip battery which guarantees a battery life up to 600% longer than Samsung or Huawei models. It also works through an eighth-generation processor that is the same used by the latest models of smartwatch of recognized brands such as the one of the apple.

The most incredible thing is that it has a screen based on the new technology of ion by induction used in 4k technology that gives 

it hyperrealism superior to any brand that exists in the market.

Just imagine attracting the attention of that person who fascinates you by wearing the E30 Smartwatch?

Exceptional quality and manufacturing

We wanted to ask one of the buyers what motivated him to buy it and he told us:

“I sold my old smartwatch and I bought the E30 Smartwatch and I still have money left for a few beers, this is great man

Now we all know that the smartwatches of the big brands are manufactured in China and although the quality may be acceptable it is not perfect.

We contacted Joseph Ferrer, the quality manager of the manufacturing company, and were able to confirm that all the parts of the E30 Smartwatch are manufactured with high-quality materials and processes from Japan and South Korea, so the quality leaves no doubt about the exclusivity of the product.

What makes this Smartwatch so popular and exclusive?

Jeans Petterson editor of America’s leading technology magazine thinks that the popularity of E30 Smartwatch is focused on important aspects:

💤 Intelligent Sleep monitor
🏊‍♂️ Waterproof (IP68) with European, Japanese and American certification.
💓 Cardiac and blood pressure monitor.
💬 Personal voice assistant function, making and receiving calls, making appointments, etc.
🤖 Last Generation Processor and Ram memory.
🛡️ Minimalistic aesthetic design
💸 Supremely affordable price.

As if all the above features were not enough this smartwatch has an option to measure your temperature and the amount of oxygen carried by your blood, this last function is vital for you to detect if you have health problems such as anemia.

Other Fantastic Features

The E30 Smartwatch is full of multiple functions that you will find in other smartwatches but differs in others like for example:

📱Mobile Application for Android and Iphone
📞 Bluetooth 4.2 which guarantees higher data transmission speed between your cell phone and the watch.
🔋 High-speed magnetic charger.
 Accurate sports tracking and timely sports data collection to help you build a healthy sports lifestyle.
📳 Phone vibration, SMS and Whatsapp reminders can also reject incoming calls.
🏋️ In multi-sport mode you can develop a sports plan or daily routines
🎵 Music Player
➕ Many more features

What do those who are testing it say?

A survey made by the BBC among the people who bought the product in the UK showed that 97% would recommend it to friends and family. So our editorial group decided to contact several people who bought it and these were their opinions of the product:

I am impressed with the accuracy with which I can measure my blood pressure, heart rate and keep track of my daily activities”.
Stella Morgan a housewife from Wisconsin.

I’m a lover of smartwatches and this is definitely the best one I’ve ever had, I love its design, the speed it has, and especially the battery life, it’s great, man”
says Anderson Cooper, a student at the University of New York.

For my job I need to be aware of notifications, messages, calls and I can tell you that this smartwatch is amazing, plus I love its classic design with that touch of modernity”
Charlie Hudson An attorney residing in California.

I want it. How much does it cost?

We did a search on the web and although it was difficult to find a Smartwatch of this range, the closest ones were around 600 to 700 dollars.

Incredibly the E30 Smartwatch costs US$193, however at the time of writing this article and with the shopping boom it is at a price of 97US$! Amazing.

It’s a bargain if you consider that for a smartwatch of recognized brands and with these same benefits you would pay a fortune.

Where can I buy the E30 Smartwatch?

Buying Instructions

1️⃣ Click on the official website of the manufacturer of the E30 Smartwatch
2️⃣ Choose the model you like best.
3️⃣ Wait for me to come to your door
4️⃣ Start enjoying all the cool features and show it to all your friends.


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