Why are so many men in US, UK, NZ, Canada, Australia and Ireland talking about this smartwatch? Doesn’t stop running out!

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A new smartwatch is taking the US, Canada, Australia and new Zealand by storm and it’s no wonder after seeing its incredible benefits.
Although it’s true that many smartwatches are almost the same and include useless functions, this watch has been number one in sales for a simple reason: it can save your life.
Its popularity hasn’t stop growing and more than 200.000 units have been sold only in the last month. Do you want to know why so many people look for it?

Don’t wait until it’s too late

You’ve probably heard its name more than once: Mate Smartwatch. This revolutionary watch offers everything a phone can do: answer phone calls, receive social media notifications, set an alarm, play music…

However, there is one feature that makes Mate Smartwatch so special for you: heart rate monitoring. This way, you can know your heart beat at any time.

Through continuous monitoring, many common heart problems could be avoided. Don’t hesitate if you don’t want to endanger your health. If not, take a look at these figures:

☠️ 17.9 million people die each year from cardiovascular diseases, an estimated 32% of all deaths worldwide.
💔 85% of all cardiovascular deaths are due to heart attacks and strokes.
👨 1 out of 3 cardiovascular deaths occur prematurely in people under 70 years of age.


How does it do it? You may wonder.

This smartwatch includes sophisticated technology to offer the most accurate measurement possible through its green light sensor. This LED light analyzes the blood that flows under the skin to display heart rate in real time.

With Mate Smartwatch you can feel safe as you can check if there is any anomaly and detect any problem in time just with a click.

“Early detection is crucial to start treatment as soon as possible, so we can prevent a problem from becoming a disease or even a premature death. That’s why this smartwatch is an authentic revolution for medicine.”

Are you going to take the risk? Mate Smartwatch makes sure everything is fine with your heart activity. However, its health functions goes further, with blood pressure and blood oxygen monitoring.

It’s also a great way to start a healthier lifestyle. Mate Smartwatch includes step counter, calories consumption, travelled distance, sedentary alert and drinking water reminder, among others.

It’s like having a personal trainer, helper and life insurance on your wrist!

Look stylish wherever you go

Another huge advange that has made so many people choose Mate Smartwatch is its unique design.

Unlike other smartwatches with square and small screens, this model includes super retina display with round shape. The high definition screen brings a great visual.

You can also switch watch faces to your preferences!

Mate Smartwatch is as elegant as tough. The alloy body and all-glass bezel are shock-proof and water-resistant to ensure long life. It’s made to last, offering the same quality as high-end smartwatches.

It will add that stylish touch to your outfits. You will look great with it!

What can you find in Mate Smartwatch?

Apart from saving your life, Mate Smartwatch has so many things to offer:

⌚ Big screen (360 x 360 pixel). Clear image, easy to read and larger size for easy touch control.
🔋 Long battery life. Up to 5 days of battery.
💧 IP68 Waterproof. Supports rain, hands washing, showers and even swimming. Won’t have to take it off!

🩺 Calorie counter. Improve your eating habits to get the body you want.
🩸 Blood pressure/Oxygen monitor. Check your levels anytime and anywhere.
✔️ Full screen touch and rotary buttom. Dual operation mode.
⌛ Step counter. Exceed your goals every day and lose weight faster.
📲 Answer phone calls. Don’t miss any important call and enjoy the hands-free experience.
❤️ Heart rate monitoring. Check your heart beat and detect any problem in time.
⚠️ High quality materials. Surface mineral-strengthened glass mirror, lasts forever!
📩 Read notifications on the go. Read messages and social media notifications without taking your phone out of your pocket.
😍 Stylish design. Elegant aesthetic and interchangeable straps to your taste.
🥤 Sedentary and drinking water reminder. Great way to start having good habits!
🔌 Wireless charging. Forget about uncomfortable wires, just put down your watch on the puck.
🎶 Remote music. Get motivated while exercising or play your favorite song when showering. Bluetooth music play has no limits!

And much, much more!

Due to all these features and the countless benefits Mate Smartwatch has to offer, everyone is comparing it to a high-end one. And it isn’t surprising because it does the same job!

Mate Smartwatch takes care of your health so that you feel safe at all times, but it also makes your life much easier. Once you discover how convenient it is, you won’t live without it.

How much does Mate Smartwatch cost?

With such high quality and so many features, you would probably expect a high price. However, Mate Smartwatch not only has the best value for money, but also has 50% off, so you can get yours for only 99€.

Everyone is talking about this amazing watch, so it could be sold out at any moment. Don’t miss the opportunity, or you will regret it later!

How can Mate Smartwatch be so affordable?

The key factor that allows it to be so affordable is that Mate Smartwatch doesn’t need advertising. Most brands spend high amounts of money in ads to promote their products, but this smartwatch is so popular that it doesn’t need them.

Positive reviews and worth of mouth have done the best publicity. When there is a good product like Mate Smartwatch, no advertisement is needed!

What users say about Mate Smartwatch?

“Very happy with this buy. Really easy to use, comfortable and health functions are very accurate. So far do good.”

Hanna F.

“I payed much more for my previous one and now that I’ve used Mate Smartwatch for a few months, I can say that it works as good as a high-end would do. This watch costs more than its actual price, an absolute bargain!

Elias M.

“I feel much more calm knowing that I can check my health and my heart rate at any time. Don’t take chances with your health!”

Ben S.

Where can you get Mate Smartwatch?

It’s quick and easy. Just follow these steps:

● Order your Mate Smartwatch here. This is the oficial site, where you can enjoy free shipping and 50% off
● That’s all! Enjoy peace of mind and protection with health alerts in real time just with a click.

Mate Smartwatch sells fast, go for it and secure your order!



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