I was heartbroken when I lost my most precious photo of my father… until this simple little device got it back.

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Just 15 minutes could save your precious family memories from being lost forever!

Last year for Christmas, my kids bought me the most thoughtful present… which ALMOST ended up being the gift of nightmares.

After complaining I kept old family photos “tucked away in shoeboxes, ”they had my precious memories converted into digital form… where they would, in theory, be kept for safekeeping.

It was great at first — I could finally share all my favorite memories from throughout the years! My son’s first steps… the day my husband won the state bowling tournament… decades of memories were suddenly at my fingertips.

But then something terrible happened. I was looking for one of my favorite photos of my father… and I couldn’t find it.

It was the last photo taken of him with his great-granddaughter Ashley before he passed away. In the picture, he’s hugging Ashley with his gift from her (you can’t see it, but it was a macaroni necklace that says “I love you granpapa”). It’s one of the last times I saw his smile…

We had no idea this would be their last Christmas together. I still have that macaroni necklace… but the photo — which is far more precious to me — was gone. I was heartbroken and felt helpless.

“Maybe it’s in another folder,” I thought to myself. So I started looking… and with each empty folder, my heart sunk further. I started to feel the tears build as my throat swelled up. “It can’t be gone… can it?!”

I swear, I looked through every single folder on my phone and computer — three times. I even called the company who digitized my memories to make sure they hadn’t forgotten it… but they confirmed that the file had been uploaded to my computer.

Slowly, the truth started to hit me: That precious memory of my father is lost forever… and I didn’t even know what happened.

Did I delete it by mistake? Move it somewhere else? “Corrupt the file” — whatever that means? I simply don’t know enough about computers to say for sure.

Not only did I lose the photo, I felt like I was letting my father down. I NEVER would have risked that photo… because I know I’ll never get to create another one. Yet there I was, completely lost and feeling helpless.

That’s when I discovered the REST of my Christmas gift…

When I called my kids — in tears, might I add — and told them what happened, they laughed.

“Huh? What’s so funny?” I asked.

“You didn’t see ThePhotoStick OMNI we left you!? It has everything on it… I’m sure dad’s photo is there,” my daughter reassured me.

I didn’t even know what ThePhotoStick OMNI was!! I thought the whole point of moving those photos to my computer was to keep those memories safe. I didn’t know there were additional precautions I was supposed to take!

“It’s in the top drawer,” my son told me. “Just plug it in. They’re all there!”

Sure enough, I plugged it into my computer… and a few seconds later, ALL of my photos and videos were right there in front of me — including the one I had “lost forever”.

60-day satisfaction guarantee

60 day 100% satisfaction guarantee – If for any reason you’re not 100% satisfied you can easily return it, hassle-free!

I found the photo of Oscar and Ashley — and I’ll never lose it again!

It was amazing! They were even organized in some special program, making them all easy to find.

I breathed a huge sigh of relief – then chuckled. But how did they do this?!

Well, I’ll be darned… it turns out my kids are even smarter than I thought. They knew I might have an accident (we still don’t know exactly what happened), so they backed all my files up beforehand — using this little device called ThePhotoStick OMNI.

Even better, they showed me how to use it so I never have to worry about losing my photos OR videos again. Most importantly, it’s really easy to use — if you’re like me and can’t afford to lose your precious memories, then you really ought to know about this thing!

What is ThePhotoStick OMNI, exactly?

At first glance, ThePhotoStick OMNI looks like a regular USB drive… but it’s MUCH more than that.

ThePhotoStick OMNI actually contains a powerful program that finds, downloads, and safely stores photos and videos on any device — in a single click!

My daughter explained that ThePhotoStick OMNI backs up all my files automatically — I just plug it into my computer and it does the work for me.

But it’s not just for computers — it also works on phones and tablets.

A few years ago, my kids got me an iPhone so the grandkids could FaceTime me and send me photos. But I never know how to get the photos off my phone! ThePhotoStick OMNI easily plugs into my phone, searches for photos and videos from my family, and downloads them.

With ThePhotoStick OMNI, I know all my memories are safely stored away, all in one place.

What our clients say:

Kathleen M. ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐
“I got all my pictures and downloads off my phone, tablet and laptop. What a relief. I have had several phones die over the years and so much info was on them. I don’t trust drop box or just saving photos on a device, google took ALL of mine and I have no idea where they are. This PhotoStick is worth every penny!”

 Patricia D. ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐
“Absolutely amazing. Does exactly what it said it would do. Copied photos and videos from my daughter’s old computer that she was throwing away. Was able to retrieve pictures since engagement, wedding, and birth of her children.”

Tenny S. ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐
“This thing is amazing! Plugged it into my Mac and it found all my pics and saved them. 85,000+ pics saved! Saved storage space on my computer and now I have all of these memories over the past decade saved in a safe place.”

Pat C. ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐
“I put the PhotoStick in my 1st computer and followed the directions and within about 10 min had over 3000 pictures downloaded did everything they said found duplicates and so on. Put it in 2nd computer older laptop did the same thing just took longer had almost 6000 pics on this one. What was most amazing this to me was this thing even found pics that I had just deleted on the newer laptop that I had not trashed yet. The next day I put the PhotoStick back in newer laptop and took about 3 min to load over 8000 pics and began deleting and grouping pics , worked like a charm. Did this also the next day no problem working great. Great product works flawlessly!”

Sharon ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐
“Wish I had found this 20 years ago. Easy breezy, just plug into your computer and follow the directions. I wish I had this way back when I had my first camera phone so I wouldn’t have lost so many pictures of my kids, other family, and friends, and important events.”

Cyril R. ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐
“I had a grand total of about 60,000 images, with many duplicates. This little “stick” managed to eliminate the duplicates so that I now have about 24,000 originals preserved forever in a fire-proof vault, a cost-free and independent method of safekeeping.”

How does ThePhotoStick OMNI work?

I’ll let you in on a little secret: I have no idea how ThePhotoStick OMNI ACTUALLY works. (I’m not what you’d call a computer person…)

All I have to do is plug it in and hit GO.

Then it automatically searches my phone and computer and saves my photo and video files onto the stick.

It works with all my devices, too — thanks to a 3-headed attachment that makes it completely universal.

Meaning it’s guaranteed to work with nearly all your devices. This attachment simply fits onto the end of the stick

Now I can keep everything in one secure, physical location. Any time I want to look at my precious memories, I just plug in ThePhotoStick OMNI — and they’re all there neatly organized for me!

Once it collects all my files, I toss ThePhotoStick OMNI in my top desk drawer. No longer do I have to safekeep entire boxes of family photo albums to keep our family memories stored away. And unlike the digital files previously stored on my computer (which, by the way, I had no idea how to access) ThePhotoStick OMNI will keep my memories safe if my computer crashes.

But it’s not just about keeping my memories safe. It also brings me closer to my friends and family by making it really easy to share these memories with them when I find things that make me smile!

You can share them through email, text message, or even post them to your Facebook if you want — how cool is that?!

It even lets you send little messages to people along with the photo or video 🙂

Why I love ThePhotoStick OMNI (and tell all my friends to get one!)

I absolutely love ThePhotoStick OMNI — and it’s a relief knowing all my memories are safe. I’ve been telling all my friends to get one for the following reasons:

➡️ It’s easy to use: Using ThePhotoStick OMNI is easier than charging my phone! You simply plug it into your computer and let it find and store your photos.
You don’t need to login: My grandson tried to get me to store photos on Dropbox, but I had no idea how to use it! Plus, I kept losing my password, which was a huge nuisance.
➡️ There’s no monthly fee: When I started saving family videos on my phone, I kept getting notifications saying my iCloud storage was full. But I didn’t want to have to pay a monthly fee for more storage! With ThePhotoStick OMNI, there’s just one upfront cost — no monthly fees — for the same amount of storage.
➡️ It takes no time at all: Whenever I tried downloading photos onto my desktop, it took hours to find and download a single image. ThePhotoStick OMNI searches my entire computer and collects videos and photos within minutes.
➡️ It stores every kind of file: While I use ThePhotoStick OMNI for storing family videos and photos, it has the ability to store nearly every file type, including documents and music.
➡️ It works all on its own: With ThePhotoStick OMNI, there’s no WiFi, batteries, or charging needed. This one, tiny device collects images and videos all on its own — no matter where you are in the world or whether you have a stable internet connection.

This one little device keeps a lifetime of memories safe and sound

If you don’t want to lose a lifetime of memories — like I did — don’t rely on your hard drive. Take the proactive steps necessary and get yourself ThePhotoStick OMNI.

ThePhotoStick OMNI is a tiny device with plenty of extra storage to keep your family memories safe. And unlike external hard drives or the cloud, ThePhotoStick OMNI is shockingly easy to use. (Trust me, if this grandma can use it, anyone can use it!) Plus, there are no monthly fees, usernames, and passwords, or clunky hardware to deal with.

I wish I had known about ThePhotoStick OMNI before I “lost” my most precious memory… but at least I know they’re all protected now. If you have a lot of photos and videos on your computer or phone, then don’t wait until it’s too late — get yourself ThePhotoStick OMNI and keep your memories safe for a lifetime to come!

Update: Here’s where to find the best price on ThePhotoStick OMNI

Wow! As it turns out, I’m not the only one who’s suffered the tragedy of losing a photo… since writing this article, many of you have written in to ask about ThePhotoStick OMNI.

Naturally, the most popular question I’ve received is: “Where do I get one?!” Thankfully, it’s also the easiest to answer!

You can find ThePhotoStick OMNI on their official website.

Even better, they’re currently offering big discounts up to 50% OFF (I’m using the 64GB version and it’s been great).

I wish they had this special going when I bought mine!

So, if you’re looking for the easiest and quickest way to protect your most precious memories, take this as a sign. Click the link below to get the best deal on ThePhotoStick OMNI!

Which devices can I use ThePhotoStick® OMNI on?

ThePhotoStick OMNI works with all modern computers, smartphones, tablets, and computers right out of the box. It’s also compatible with all Windows, Android, and Mac Operating Systems: Windows: Windows 7 SP1 and newer Apple: OS 10.13 and newer, iOS and iPad OS is 13.0 and later Android: 6.0 and later

What photo and video file types can ThePhotoStick® OMNI find and save?

Nearly all of them! It saves your standard JPEG, PNG, GIF, MOV, and MPEG4, but it also saves a vast array of file types as listed below: JPEG (*.jpg, *.jpeg, *.jpe, *.jiff) GIF (*.gif) PNG (*.png) BMP (*.bmp, *.rle, *.dib) TIFF (*.tif, *.tiff) ICO (*.ico) Camera Raw (*.tif, *.crw, *.nef, *.raf, *.orf, *.mrw, *.dcr, *.mos, *.raw, *.pef, *.srf, *.dng, *.x3f, *.cr2, *.erf, *.sr2, *.kdc, *.mfw, *.mef, *.arw, *.nrw, *.rw2, *.rwl, *.iiq, *.3fr, *.srw) Photoshop (*.psd, *.pdd) PCT File (*.PCT, *.PICT) MOV (*.mov, *.qt) MPEG4 (*.mpg4, *.mpeg4) AVI (*.avi) WMV (*.wmv)

Is ThePhotoStick® OMNI easy to use?

Yes – just hit go! We also offer 24/7 support if you have any questions or difficulties… but it really is as easy as clicking “GO”. Anyone can use it, no matter how comfortable they are with technology

What version should I choose?

This depends on how many photos and videos you have. The 128GB version can hold up to 60,000 photos and videos – which will be plenty for most people. The 256GB version holds up to roughly 120,000 photos and videos giving you all the storage you’ll ever need – perfect for large families with lots of memories.

What photo file size is used when we say the 128GB version can store 60,000 photos?

We use an average photo file size of 2MB for our calculation. We picked this size for our calculation because it is the approximate size of an 8MP photo saved in a .JPEG format. Some file sizes are much larger, such as camera RAW files, movie files such as .MOV and .MPEG4, and photos taken with cameras that can take photos greater than 8MP, so the number of files that can be stored on ThePhotoStick® OMNI can vary.

How do I start ThePhotoStick® OMNI?

It’s as easy as 1,2,3 – no matter which device you’re using! To start on Windows: – Plug ThePhotoStick® OMNI into an open USB slot. – From File Explorer, double-click on ThePhotoStick®Windows.exe. – Click ‘Go’! To start on Mac: – Plug into an open USB slot. – Double-click on the USB icon labeled as PHOTOSTICK. – Double-click on ThePhotoStick®Mac. – Click ‘Go’! To start on any phone (Android or iOS): 1. Download and Launch the FREE “ThePhotoStick® Mobile” App 2. Plug in the device 3. Click “Backup Now”

Does ThePhotoStick® OMNI need to install anything on my computer?

For computers (Mac or PC): ThePhotoStick® OMNI does not need to install anything on your computer, nor does it require anything to be already installed on your computer. ThePhotoStick® OMNI comes with everything it needs — you simply need to plug it into an available USB slot and it’s ready to run. For phones (Android or iOS): ThePhotoStick® OMNI offers a FREE app that allows you to back up, view, and organize your photos with ease. There are no monthly charges or download costs for using the app – just download it and click GO!

Can I use ThePhotoStick® OMNI as an ongoing backup solution?

Yes, it’s a great backup solution! Many people leave the ThePhotoStick® OMNI plugged into their computer and do a quick and easy weekly backup to make sure they are continually protecting their memories. Simply plug it into each device, click GO, and go about your day. It only takes a few seconds to back everything up across every device… it’s a huge time saver!

Will I have to pay any additional customs, duties or VAT fees when I receive my order?

Depending on your country, it is possible that you will be charged one or more of these fees at the time of checkout.

Is there a money back guarantee and/or warranty?

Yes. We offer a no-hassle, 60-Day Money Back Guarantee. If you’re not 100% satisfied with ThePhotoStick OMNI®, we are happy to help you with a return. We want you to be happy!


60 day 100% satisfaction guarantee – If for any reason you’re not 100% satisfied you can easily return it, hassle-free!


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